pic_products01From athletes with injuries to seasoned citizens needing that extra bit of help, we’re here with quick, knowledgeable, and friendly service to meet all your needs. People are often surprised at the products and custom fabrications in the industry which can help them with a wide range of complications from bracing for fractures, to lift assist for stroke patients, to artificial limbs. Our products help return you to as normal a lifestyle as possible. And with quick turnaround, we are able to do it with minimal downtime to you. Call today for an appointment. Let us see how we can help.


pic_products02We recognize the unique problems that can be encountered when dealing with kids. So at our offices, we try to establish a non-threatening environment where kids can be comfortable. We take the time to work with the kids to make their devices comfortable and appealing. Compliance is the biggest issue with children, so we offer a wide range of colors and patterns to help make their products fashionable as well as functional. From scoliosis to flat foot to amputation, your child will feel comfortable enough to use their treatment. Visit the pediatric section of our online catalog for examples, then call us for an appointment!



Download Pediatric Brochure

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