pic-7Custom Fitting

For some individuals, it may be effective to use what is known as an off-the-shelf device. These devices are mass produced and made to fit generic shapes and sizes, and are oftentimes less expensive. However, for long term use, and to maximize the device effectiveness, we at Alpha-Omega O&P find that each individual is typically better served with a custom fit device. Each person is different, and so are the needs that must be met. We believe that your device should reflect you- not a model somewhere across the country. The staff at Alpha-Omega O&P takes the time necessary to perform a comprehensive O&P evaluation to understand your needs, and then design, and manufacture in our in house lab, a device that is custom to you and no one else.


pic-5Servicing Existing Orthotics & Prosthetics

Not everyone knows that they have the option to go where they want to go. The choice of their facility to make their prosthesis or orthosis is similar to choosing which pharmacist you want to fill your prescription. Physicians do recommend O&P facilities, but the recommendation may be based on their own personal bias, but the choice is still up to you. If you have encountered problems with your current O&P facility, and after attempts to rectify the problems, do not feel they are an appropriate fit for you, we are able to service the device you have had made at the other facility. Most components are standard throughout the industry. Perhaps you have moved to the area recently and are looking for a facility to take over maintenance of your O&P device. We welcome new patients from across the country and welcome you to the area.


pic_services03Continued Service and Support

Alpha-Omega O&P is committed to fitting you with the best device possible, but we are also equally committed to maintaining that fit and overall function. While most materials used in orthotics and prosthetics do not wear quickly, or typically change size, soft foams and straps used in the manufacturing process can wear quite readily. At times, these products need to be checked or replaced to ensure a proper fit. Additionally, our bodies change with time, due to possibly swelling, muscular atrophy, weight loss or gain, and what used to fit well, may not work as effectively anymore. When this occurs, we have the knowledge and experience to make necessary adjustments to regain a proper anatomic fit and function, or recommend another course of action.

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