What to Expect

pic-10Here at Alpha-Omega we take great pride in creating custom orthotic and prosthetic devices based on individual need. In an effort to do this, we would like to take this time to inform you of some things you will need to know when coming to our office, and what to expect that first time.

  • When you first come to our office, you will be greeted by our staff, who will assist you in starting the paperwork process.
  • Due to governing regulations, we do require a prescription before we can start on anything.
  • In addition to a prescription, we will need your insurance cards to check on your coverage and file with them. Sometimes, however, coverage may not be able to be determined while you are in our office.
  • For your first visit, it would be helpful if you came to the office about fifteen minutes early to fill out all the necessary paperwork. An alternative is to print off a copy of the necessary paperwork required for this office from our website and fill them out in advance of your visit. Click here to print New Patient Paperwork
  • If you are visiting our office for a spinal orthosis, it is best to bring a bathing suit or leotard with you.
  • For all other devices, it is best to wear clothing that can be easily pulled above the areas of concern, or wear shorts for leg issues. This enables our practitioner to perform a more thorough exam and aids in the casting process if needed.

pic-7Each patient is given a comprehensive evaluation to determine range of motion, muscle strength, static/dynamic skeletal observations and history. If you have a previous device, it is helpful to bring them with you in order for us to determine what you are used to or what changes would need to be made in a new system.

Restoring normal body function and movement is the goal of treating any disability. The exact manner of replacing the loss of function varies a great deal, from person to person. Therefore, a biomechanical rationale is reviewed and the specific design of an orthosis or prosthesis is determined. Once a design has been decided upon by yourself and the practitioner in accordance with the prescription, measurements or castings are taken based on your needs.

pic4Determining the best approach for each need requires a close working relationship between physicians, therapists, our practitioner, and lab technicians. Once measurements or a cast has been taken, it is given to our in-house team of technicians. However, work cannot be started until approval has been given by the physician and your insurance. Once established, our lab technicians have the experience and training to fabricate superior orthoses (braces) and prostheses (artificial limbs) at our on-site lab. The collaboration of this experienced team gives Alpha-Omega the ability to determine how the patient’s functional needs will best be met by the orthotic/prosthetic device.

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