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If you have experienced trauma, been diagnosed with a disorder, or have damage to your feet, knees, hip, spine, or arms, and now need an orthosis, we offer a comprehensive approach to meet your needs.

After determining your specific needs, we can help design the right bracing to help get you back into your lifestyle. Our custom devices such as arch supports, AFOs, KAFOs, knee braces, wrist braces, elbow braces, and spinal braces can help you get back to the things you enjoy but have had difficulty doing with a loss of function. Sometimes the body just does not work like it is supposed to and needs some help. That’s where our devices come in to play.

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In business for more than 25 years, the professionals at Alpha-Omega Orthotics & Prosthetics believe in treating the whole person, not just the part of the body that is compromised. We are empathetic to the pain and distress you may be feeling. If you are afraid that you may no longer be able to do the things you love, we want to trade that fear for freedom. We understand that every individual is different, as well as the physical issues and traumas that have happened to them, and how they deal with those issues. Because of this, an orthosis cannot be a one-size-fits-all process. Our experienced team of professionals will work with you and your physician to customize an orthosis that meets the needs of your body. We take the time to get the fit right and make any necessary changes along the way to get you where you want to be.

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We offer a full spectrum of orthotic devices for both adults and pediatric patients. Our in-depth evaluation process will help discover any deficits you may have and help us to tailor your device to get you back to your lifestyle as much as possible. We even offer bracing for scoliosis treatment, rather than having to drive to Kansas City or St. Louis. So, you do not have to drive several hours just to have high-quality care or to have adjustments made. Foot, ankle, knee, hip, wrist, elbow, and shoulder – we treat them all with our customized evaluation and in-house fabrication.

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Children can present their own set of unique problems. We understand these cannot always be handled in the same way we deal with adult problems. We try to create a non-threatening environment where kids can feel at ease. We take the time to work with them, making sure their device is comfortable. We also understand that for them, fashion is just as important as function, which is why we offer a wide range of colors and patterns. From scoliosis to flat foot to amputation, your child will feel comfortable enough to use their treatment.

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